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3 Strategies For Memorable Business Card Logos


Jul 26 2017
3 Strategies For Memorable Business Card Logos

business card logos

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This phrase practically defines our society. Today’s consumers need to be visually stimulated just to grab their attention for a few seconds.

For many small businesses, the first encounter with a new customer is via your business card. To gain an edge in a marketing space inundated with visual cues business card logos have to make an instant impact.

If a logo fails to compel a pause and a “Wow! reaction, it will be lost in the image library of the consumer’s brain (which is more vast than the Library of Congress).

Wouldn’t it be great if choosing an effective logo for your business card only involved picking some colors and a typeface? Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Here are three key strategies to make business card logos unforgettable.

Business Card Logos Should Scream “Professional”

Whether your company develops accounting software, coordinates travel to exotic locales, or sells organic dog treats, the look and feel or your logo should be professional.

A logo is the visual representation of a company; your brand identity. Cluttered or “busy” business card logos tend to be confusing. That is not the impression you want a potential customer to retain.

The proper balance of graphic elements is essential to creating the eye-pleasing symmetry that resonates with a customer’s brain.

Beware: A perfectly balanced design can be overshadowed by a color scheme that is not appealing. There is a reason so many articles discussing the importance of choosing the right color combinations exist.

The colors used in business card logos should reflect the tone and overall feel of your brand. The travel agency’s logo should pop with bright and vivid colors. Whereas the accounting software company will want to choose a more muted and professional color combination that suggests stability and control.

Combine a balanced design with the effective use of color to create a strong connection between your logo and your company. This is your first step toward recognizability.

Make the Familiar Strange

A logo defines your brand message. What happens if that same brand message is being used by 20 other companies? That presents a serious identity problem.

Customers will not recognize your company if it does not have that little (or sometimes big) thing that jumps out at them. Something that makes it noticeably unique.

Unique does not mean wild and outlandish. Business card logos are more likely to be remembered if their uncommon flavor is seasoned with a hint of familiarity.

The key is to get clever.

Just as color evokes an emotional response, so does the feeling of something being familiar. An effective logo should invite new customers to get to know your company while eliciting an “I swear I’ve seen that somewhere before” reaction.

Create a “hidden” image within your logo, a tactic used in the logo designs of some of the biggest names. Utilizing the negative space on your business card is an especially effective way to accomplish this.

Forcing a customer to stop and think a moment will unfailingly make an impact.

Save Complexity for Quantum Physics

In other words . . . keep it simple.

You only have a few seconds to make a connection with a new customer. Your logo should be visually stimulating without being distracting.

Rather than over-the-top and exaggerated, strive for clean and organized. Avoid too many special effects, keep the color scheme basic and ditch the clutter.

A company’s graphic identity often revolves around the logo. Business card logos, when done right, are very powerful marketing tools. If you would rather leave the above strategies to a professional logo designer you’re in the right place.

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