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The 5 Biggest Logo Design Trends of 2017


Jul 19 2017
The 5 Biggest Logo Design Trends of 2017

logo design trends

Does your logo look like it was created during a time when Beanie Babies were popular and the words “snap chat filter” didn’t yet exist?

If so, it’s time to give your logo a serious update. Your logo is an essential part of your brand’s identity. If a logo is done right, it can attract a customer to your company.

Therefore, you need to make sure your logo is always keeping up with the times. Sometimes, this means a complete overhaul of your look. Other times, you may need to only make a few tweaks here and there.

So how do you make sure you’re staying on top of the trendiest logo looks?

Keep reading. We’ve got the top 5 biggest logo design trends of 2017 that you need to know about.

1. Minimalism

From bedrooms to offices to websites, minimalist design is taking over. 

Logo designers are starting to take note.

Designs that are bold and complex can be a bit of an eyesore. Plus, with so many complex logo designs out there, it can be difficult to make yours stand out.

Minimalist design is both purpose-driven and practical. You immediately tell your customer what you do with total clarity. Potential clients love the “cut-to-the-chase” aspect that these logos bring.

2. Hand-Drawn

Hand-drawn logos started making a name for themselves in 2016 and are expected to pick up even more steam in the coming year.

People love the unpretentiousness of hand-drawn logos. These logos exude chicness, warmth, credibility, and a self-governing attitude. These logos are gaining a lot of popularity in the food and drink industry. However, any industry can benefit from the hand-drawn style.

3. Vintage

If you’re looking to appeal to your customer’s nostalgic side, a vintage logo is the way to do it.

Vintage logos shy away from the modern. This allows brands to establish a sense of credibility (even if they’re not that old of a company.)

However, keep in mind there’s a fine line between appearing nostalgic and appearing like you’re stuck in the past. You will need to approach this design trend very carefully in order to pull it off.

4. Pattern and Repetition

No matter how much we try to break out of our comfort zone, most humans will always gravitate towards familiarity.

In 2017, designers are appealing to people’s need for familiarity with logos that contain patterns and repetitions.

Shape patterns in the background are gaining popularity, as well as single letter repetitions.

5. Moving Parts

Of course, we had to save the most exciting one for last.

Obviously, you can’t do much with moving parts on a logo that goes on your product. But you can use moving parts to spice up your logo on your site!

Many designers in 2017 are piggybacking off of the gif trend to create logos with moving parts. Just don’t go too overboard and make your customers dizzy!

Logo Design Trends: Wrap Up

We hope you found some inspiration reading about the top logo design trends of 2017.

If you think you need a little help formulating your ideas on paper, fill out our creative brief and we’ll match you with a logo designer!

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