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The 5 Golden Rules of Attractive Logos


Oct 05 2017
The 5 Golden Rules of Attractive Logos

attractive logos

Designing a fabulous logo can be a daunting task.

But what makes a great logo? Something that creates an impression. A logo should make your brand memorable to everyone who sees it.

No pressure.

Studies show that even preschoolers can recognize a brand based on their logo. If you want your brand to make that kind of impact you need the right logo.

Making the perfect design isn’t just a shot in the dark. There are certain guidelines that will consistently lead you to the right design.

Want to get an attractive logo each and every time? Then you need to know the 5 golden rules for creating attractive logos.

1. One-Of-A-Kind

It’s one thing to use other logos as inspiration in the beginning stages. You can look at a famous logo and notice that the sleek, thin lines are something you like.

But it’s got to stop there. Too often smaller brands try to flat out copy another logo they like.

You could end up with an attractive logo. It doesn’t matter if people think it belongs to another company.

The whole point of a great logo is brand recognition. If people don’t associate your logo with your business, it’s not good enough.

2. The Right Size

Having the perfect sized logo will make it more attractive and versatile. Your logo might look fabulous when it’s blown up on signage. But if it becomes blurry and unrecognizable on letterhead?

That’s not attractive.

When designing a logo, you have to test out how it looks in all sizes.

3. Colors That People Respond To

Colors can create an emotional response in people. Whether it’s because those colors are beautiful or because they’re creating a psychological reaction.

The colors in your logo should be attractive. They should also influence people in the right way.

For example, orange is associated with good value. If you want your brand to also be associated with value, use a little orange.

4. Perfect Typography

If you choose to have typography in your logo, then it has to be perfect. Like the logo itself, the font should be unique.

There are some fonts that are considered to be “cliche.” For instance, Comic Sans would be a font you definitely stay away from. It’s over used to the point of being tacky.

You want your font to be timeless. Typography that has too much going on could end up looking dated in a few years.

5. The Design Fits the Brand

Most importantly, the design has to fit the brand. It doesn’t matter how attractive a logo is if it makes no sense with the business.

Think of your target customer and what they would find attractive. Design the logo like you’re only trying to please them.

Get Attractive Logos Every Time

Having a great logo is an important part of having a successful business. It becomes the first thing people will recognize your brand by.

It’s easy to design attractive logos when you know what you’re doing. So relax and leave it to the professionals. If you have a logo idea in mind, let’s get started!

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