logo design principles

5 Most Important Logo Design Principles to Follow


Oct 14 2017
5 Most Important Logo Design Principles to Follow

logo design principles

Your logo is a critical part of your business, but if you don’t make it just right, you’ll get lost in all the other logos out there.

Trying to communicate everything about your business through a small picture isn’t easy. Sometimes, people get so focused on trying to create a great logo that they actually miss the whole point of making a logo in the first place.

If you want your logo to be successful, you have to think about multiple design principles, things like images and text but also color and word font.

It’s always the little things that make or break a good logo.

Why Are Logo Design Principles Important?

Your logo needs to show who you are and what you do. Logo design principles help you do this in a way that will relate to your customers and be memorable.

One of the first steps of designing your logo is understanding your target audience. What service are you providing them? What do they need? What do you want them to remember about you?

A lot of thought and careful consideration should go into your logo. Take a look at these five tips that will keep you on the right track during your design process.

1. Simple Is Always Better

Don’t get too literal on the “your logo should show who you are and what you believe in” idea by trying to cram every single thing about you into a logo.

When it comes to logos, less is actually more.

You want people to remember what your logo says and looks like after only one glance. Your design should be so simple they are able to completely describe it when they look away.

People should be able to remember your logo in a good way. Don’t let them remember it because it had too many colors and had so much going on they weren’t even sure what it was supposed to even be.

2. Be Different

Look through the logos of similar companies to see what they’re doing with their logos. Then do something completely different.

Even if the logo captures all the elements you want, making something similar will only cause you to get lost in the crowd. You want to stand out and be remembered.

Come up with different images and words to communicate what you do.

3. Stay Modern, but Be Timeless

This is one of the most important logo design principles, but it is also one of the hardest.

Your logo needs to look good today and still look good in five to 10 years. Avoid using trends as part of your logo. Those usually run out of steam quickly, and even if they don’t, they will look silly in a year or two.

Modern logos are less stylized and more restrained. You can use elements of the time, but don’t let yourself get lost in them. Again, keep it simple.

You want something that’ll still be impactful in future years with minimal adjustments. Take Starbucks for example. Starbucks has had the same logo since 1971 and has only made small updates.

4. Make Sure All the Pieces Work Together

Images and words should compliment each other, not distract from each other. If your graphic design is clear and simple, don’t pick a font that is fancy and looped. Keep the words simple and easy to read.

If you’re image is delicate and gentle, don’t use bold, strong letters.

Keep it consistent.

5. You Logo Must Be Versatile

Your logo will probably be used on multiple different platforms.

It needs to look good as a small logo, as a large logo, on different color backgrounds, and on different kinds of items.

Your logo should translate just as well on a T-shirt as it does on a water bottle.

Trying to create your own, unique logo? Contact us, and we’ll help you make a logo that captures all these elements!

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