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5 Ways to Get Amazing Logos for Your Brand


Oct 02 2017
5 Ways to Get Amazing Logos for Your Brand

amazing logos

Your brand is your identity. So, you need to make sure all aspects of that identity are flawless and communicate your message.

Even something as seemingly small as a logo has a great impact. Logos are often times what people recall most when thinking about certain brands.

With that kind of direct effect, you need a logo that will really shine. Here are our 5 tips for creating amazing logos for your brand.


Remember that silly acronym they taught us in elementary school? ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. Well, it doesn’t only apply to your 4th-grade English class.

Simplicity in design is the most common feature of all the top brands. That’s because it communicates a professional, yet sleek, look.

Using too many objects or words just looks tacky. Also, you don’t want to go for the gaudiest color or font styles either.

Instead, make your brand’s logo pop through creative design. Use enticing shapes and objects to pair with fun, not flashy design elements.

2. Go Timeless

Sure, there’s no harm in redesigning your logo if need be. But, you should opt for a logo that is seen as timeless. Think Coca-Cola.

Why’s this important? Because advertising based on trends is sure not to last. Tastes change, and it is difficult to keep up with a logo that’s continually outdated.

Having said that, you can’t go wrong with a contemporary look. But, make sure it’s one that can withstand through the modern world, and not just be the “flavor of the week”.

3. Consider Its Placement

Where will your logo be seen? Are you going to plaster it on billboards and magazines? Is it mostly going to be used online or in an app store?

Where you intend to market your company will impact how your logo should look. If it’s going to be on a small screen, make sure it looks appealing shrunk down.

Images often get distorted depending on the platform they’re being viewed on. Test your logo on all usable platforms prior to launching.

4. Amazing Logos Change Over Time

Is your logo kind of dull and boring, or not applicable, to the modern world? Then, don’t be afraid to change things up!

Many of the most notable brands, including Netflix, Windows, and Marriot, have all undergone a logo change.

You don’t need to completely scrap your old logo. If possible, it’s best to make small alterations to it. The key is to tie it in with your previous logo, to not confuse your audience.

5. What’s Your Industry?

When designing your logo, you’ll want to consider the industry you’re in. You can make a very bad impression by using color or objects that don’t compliment your industry.

Let’s say you’re in the hospitality industry as a masseuse or hotel. Typically, you’re associated with calmness and relaxation. You’d want to use subtle, delicate colors to capture your audience.

On the flip side, you’ll want to avoid symbols that could be perceived wrong. This would include potentially harmful objects or motions, aggressive animals, and anything that insinuates ‘danger’.

We are a creative design agency that offers amazing logos to match your aesthetic. Contact us and let’s get started.

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