7 Secrets to Totally Rocking Your New Logo


Sep 29 2017
7 Secrets to Totally Rocking Your New Logo

Having the right logo can be the difference between building an iconic image and committing brand suicide.

Your company’s logo should become the first thing that clients think of when they think of your company. And when they see your logo they should automatically associate that logo with your brand.

But the wrong logo can destroy that. A bad logo could be one that doesn’t match your brand and isn’t recognizable to your audience. It could also be one that is overly complicated so that it is tough to recognize or remember.

If you’ve recently created an awesome new logo and are ready to see what it can do for your company, check out these 7 simple secrets to rocking your new logo.

1. Incorporate it Into Your Website

The first step after releasing a logo re-design is to update your website.

Before you start letting clients and the rest of the world know about your awesome logo redesign, it’s important that if they go to your website to see it in person, it’s actually there.

Scan through your website, including old pages, to make sure that you don’t leave any old logos behind.

2. Work it Into Your Graphic Design

While it can be easy to get overexcited about your logo re-design, the last thing that you want to do is make your website look unprofessional by plastering your logo all over it.

Instead, go for a subtle touch, and try incorporating your logo or even just the shape of your logo into any graphic design elements on your web page. This can make a cool background for your website or for certain pages on your site.

Still, make sure to include a full image of your logo at the top of each of your website’s pages.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Pages

Once you’ve updated your website to include your logo, make sure that you update all of your social media pages as well.

Many businesses do lots of their business and advertising on social media. Don’t confuse your clients by leaving multiple versions of your logo floating around the web.

4. Clue in Your Clients

Once you’ve made sure to get rid of any instances of your old logo, it’s time to let your clients know about the change.

Statistics show that an average of 80 percent of total sales will come from 20 percent of your clients. Keeping those repeat customers up-to-date on your company and any changes will go a long way towards keeping them happy and avoiding confusion.

5. Let the World Know

After your client’s know about your logo re-design, let the rest of the world know!

Announcing a re-branding can help generate excitement about your business. Social media is a great way to announce the change and spark conversation about your new design.

6. Update Your Brand as Needed

If you already had a solid brand in place, you likely made your new logo match it.

But if you didn’t, and your logo and brand now clash, it’s important to update your brand so that the designs are coherent.

7. Send Out Some New Gear

Generate excitement and boost employee morale by celebrating the release of your logo with new uniforms, notepads, pens, or other fun gear!

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