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The Anatomy of an Amazing Logo


Oct 17 2017
The Anatomy of an Amazing Logo

amazing logo

Tropicana released a new logo. Customers hated it and sales tanked by 20%. Two months later, they went back to using the old logo.

Brands like Apple and IBM have made subtle changes over the years, but nothing major.

What’s all the fuss about? It’s just a logo, right?

An amazing logo is key to customers remembering who you are, why you do it, and the quality of your product or service.

Keep reading to see how we break down the anatomy of an amazing logo.

You’re the Core

By you, we mean you and your brand. You are the heart and the soul of your business. Without it, the logo would not exist.

You and your brand need to be the strongest part of the body. Without a strong message, even the coolest logo is worthless.

Who are you and what is your business all about? You have one small image to tell the world why they should care and how you will be known, so you need to make it count.

If you have a strong business concept and you’ve been in business for a long time, abruptly changing your logo could cost you a ton of cash. Just like it did with Tropicana.

Customers and clients may think your message or goals have changed.

The Arms and Legs

The colors, fonts, and shapes you will use in your logo will make up the arms and legs. They keep your message moving and give you extra reach.

Have you ever wondered why blue and orange are so often used with tech companies?

Blue is America’s favorite color. Think about Wal-Mart, Dell, Twitter, and Facebook.

This color symbolizes trust in your brand. You’re cool, calm, collected, and constant. Just like the oceans and the sky.

Orange is an aggressive color, which is why it pairs so naturally with the calming state of blue. It symbolizes energy, excitement, and entices calls to action. It represents pleasure and creativity.

What a great duo! Choose your color scheme wisely and know how the psychology of colors can affect your brand.


We see a variety of shapes on a regular basis without giving it much thought.

The shapes of a logo can symbolize plenty. Think about Google and their chrome logo. It has circles within circles and in a variety of colors.

The circles represent community, perfection, and protection.

The interlocking colors are their way of telling you loyal users that they are a trustworthy search engine. They are here to stay and they put user interests first.

Saying this with one small image is way easier, isn’t it?

The Brain of an Amazing Logo

There are many parts of the brain and there are many ways you can make your logo work for you or have it work against you.

Be clever. Use white and negative space to make your logo stand out against the competition. Think about NBC’s peacock logo or Fed-Ex’s arrow.

Utilizing these spaces well gives your brand an aura of innovation.

“If they can do that with a logo, what else can they do?”

Customer Service

If your clients or customers have a certain experience with your brand, they’ll think about this particular experience every time they see your logo. Then, they’re likely to talk about it to whoever is around.

Word of mouth is still a great referral tool. Make sure your customer service is top notch so people remember what a great company you are as opposed to the opposite.

When you’ve got a great product or service and you need an amazing logo, talk to us. We will help you design a memorable logo that tells the story of your business.

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