7 Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo to Represent Your Brand


  • Apr 05 2019

    7 Questions to Ask When Designing a Logo to Represent Your Brand

    You know that you need a logo for your business. You might decide it’s time to refresh the one that you have. Your logo is often the first impression that people have of your company. It’s the first thing that they see and people will form a first impression of your company in about 10 […]

  • famous logos
    Oct 20 2017

    Famous Logos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    How many times have you seen a set of glowing golden arches and started craving McDonald’s fries? If you close your eyes and picture a swoosh or checkmark, does it resemble the Nike logo? These are just two famous logos almost everyone in the modern world knows. They have stood the test of time and […]

  • amazing logo
    Oct 17 2017

    The Anatomy of an Amazing Logo

    Tropicana released a new logo. Customers hated it and sales tanked by 20%. Two months later, they went back to using the old logo. Brands like Apple and IBM have made subtle changes over the years, but nothing major. What’s all the fuss about? It’s just a logo, right? An amazing logo is key to […]

  • logo design principles
    Oct 14 2017

    5 Most Important Logo Design Principles to Follow

    Your logo is a critical part of your business, but if you don’t make it just right, you’ll get lost in all the other logos out there. Trying to communicate everything about your business through a small picture isn’t easy. Sometimes, people get so focused on trying to create a great logo that they actually miss […]

  • bad logos
    Oct 11 2017

    The Disastrous Mistakes Behind Bad Logos

    A glance at a logo can change the way a consumer thinks. Do you want a logo that inspires positive thought? Logo mistakes can turn potential customers against you. The worst logos ever stick around. If not in the consumers’ minds, then definitely online. Today, we’ll go over the mistakes businesses and designers make that lead […]

  • new logo
    Oct 08 2017

    5 Telltale Signs That You Need a New Logo

    There’s no overstating how important your company’s logo is. It’s your mission statement to the world, whether you realize it or not. A great logo, such as Coca Cola’s, is timeless and instantly recognizable. But for every great logo, there are dozens of poorly constructed or just plain ugly logos. If you’re unsatisfied with your […]

  • attractive logos
    Oct 05 2017

    The 5 Golden Rules of Attractive Logos

    Designing a fabulous logo can be a daunting task. But what makes a great logo? Something that creates an impression. A logo should make your brand memorable to everyone who sees it. No pressure. Studies show that even preschoolers can recognize a brand based on their logo. If you want your brand to make that […]

  • amazing logos
    Oct 02 2017

    5 Ways to Get Amazing Logos for Your Brand

    Your brand is your identity. So, you need to make sure all aspects of that identity are flawless and communicate your message. Even something as seemingly small as a logo has a great impact. Logos are often times what people recall most when thinking about certain brands. With that kind of direct effect, you need […]

  • Sep 29 2017

    7 Secrets to Totally Rocking Your New Logo

    Having the right logo can be the difference between building an iconic image and committing brand suicide. Your company’s logo should become the first thing that clients think of when they think of your company. And when they see your logo they should automatically associate that logo with your brand. But the wrong logo can […]

  • Sep 26 2017

    What Will Future Logo Design Look Like in 100 Years?

    You already know that your company’s logo is the foundation of your branding strategy. Plus, since consumers are much more likely to make purchases from brands they’re familiar with, having an instantly-recognizable logo seriously boosts your revenue. You want your company to last for hundreds of years. But how will the history of logos and future […]

  • startup logo
    Sep 18 2017

    How to Apply Color Psychology to Your Startup Logo

    For companies who are looking to create a great first impression with clients, logo design is a must from the get go. Unfortunately, many companies treat logo design as an afterthought.   But a startup logo will set the tone for your business. It not only helps you differentiate your services from the competition. A […]

  • logo redesign
    Sep 12 2017

    How to Find Inspiration for Your Logo Redesign

    Redesigning your logo is a great way to attract new customers. It also lets your current customer base know that you’re capable of updating and improving as your company grows. A logo redesign can do a lot for your business, but knowing how to start revamping your current design can be tough. You want to […]

  • logo design mistakes
    Sep 12 2017

    How to Avoid the Most Common Logo Design Mistakes

    When you’re looking to create or revamp your image, your logo design is one of the first places to start. While figuring out how to visually represent your company should be a fun and creative process, it’s also one that should be carefully approached. Your logo is often the first interaction customers have with your business. […]

  • logo history
    Aug 24 2017

    Logo History: The Evolution of Logos in Branding

    Logos have become very common to us that we never consider how far they’ve come. They help us identify and name many different companies. To figure out what the future holds, we will need to take a step back and look at the logo history. A logo is a distinct and recognizable design, name, or […]

  • powerful logo
    Aug 21 2017

    Why Emotion Is Key for a Powerful Logo

    Researchers know that making an emotional connection is essential to any marketing strategy There are many reasons behind why we buy what we buy. Among the most powerful reasons are ego-stroking, compulsion, empathy, and indulgence. What do all these things have in common? They’re emotions. If your brand doesn’t trigger some sort of emotional response, it’s […]

  • worst logos ever
    Aug 04 2017

    Epic Fails: The 5 Worst Logos Ever Created

    One would imagine that the amount of money spent on business operations would find its way into the branding department. That’s not always the case. Sometimes the logo falls flat. Design by committee is a real problem. Going cheap and using templates are obvious. Allowing an amateur to have full reigns won’t deliver the goods. […]

  • branding basics
    Aug 01 2017

    Branding Basics: Why You Need to Understand Your Brand

    Branding is one of the most important parts of a business. From big corporations to small mom and pop shops, branding matters. Having a brand strategy is crucial for setting you apart from your competition. We can all agree that branding is important — but what exactly is it? If you can’t answer, now is the […]

  • business card logos
    Jul 26 2017

    3 Strategies For Memorable Business Card Logos

    You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This phrase practically defines our society. Today’s consumers need to be visually stimulated just to grab their attention for a few seconds. For many small businesses, the first encounter with a new customer is via your business card. To gain an edge in a […]

  • logo design trends
    Jul 19 2017

    The 5 Biggest Logo Design Trends of 2017

    Does your logo look like it was created during a time when Beanie Babies were popular and the words “snap chat filter” didn’t yet exist? If so, it’s time to give your logo a serious update. Your logo is an essential part of your brand’s identity. If a logo is done right, it can attract […]

  • color effect
    Jul 12 2017

    Color Effect: How Science Helps You Choose A Logo Color

    Logo creation involves a lot of factors. The shape, size, and look of your logo all matter. But did you know that the color of your company’s logo also has a huge impact? Colors are everywhere. Colors are also endless! Have you ever looked at a color and felt a certain way? Colors can influence […]

  • best logo maker
    Jul 07 2017

    How to Be The Best Logo Maker: 5 Ways to Improve Your Logo

    Your company logo is synonymous with your brand. It represents who you are and what your company will be recognized for. Logos are important tools for business owners to express themselves and to connect with their target market. Consider these five ways to improve a business logo so you can be the best logo maker. […]

  • Office Motivation
    Apr 10 2017


    Promoting your brand starts with motivation which leads to your team promoting your brand.  How else does word of mouth start about your business, your brand, and your logo unless your people are wearing it, talking about it and promoting it? Here are three simple ways to motivate your team to promote the products and […]

  • Color Choice
    Apr 07 2017

    Color Choice

    Color choice is a very important part of brands and logo design.  When it comes to a brand, color choice in a logo can suggest very different things.  Bright colors might suggest whimsy, whereas black and white might suggest strength or tradition.  Let’s analyze some famous brands to learn more. UPS is an excellent example […]

  • Logo Optimization
    Apr 06 2017


      Optimization:  A Case Study Sometimes brands find themselves needing to change their logos to fit better in multiple media.  This happens especially with older brands.  Not all logos were created with the web in mind, and some need to be optimized further for mobile viewing.  Publix, a large Southeastern grocer, is a really great […]

  • Layout Blog
    Apr 05 2017


    How you layout your logo is a very important consideration in logo design.  Are you going to be landscape?  Portrait?  How about a nice square that works in every media? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of layouts: Landscape Landscape logo layouts are generally reserved for brands that emphasize their […]

  • Business Marketing Essentials
    Apr 04 2017

    Marketing Essentials

    Small businesses can drive more sales and customer recognition with a coherent logo and marketing essentials.  Being a small business requires a different type of design than more major logos – many people have associations with major logos due to their ubiquity.  Small businesses, on the other hand, have to fight to get their name […]

  • Logo Designs
    Apr 03 2017

    Logo Designs

    Logo design is the beginning for any brand.  How are people going to remember you and your product that you created?  Logo designs suggest things — whether it’s quality, efficiency, or status, logos are the way you’re representing your brand to others.  A quality logo answers four main questions: What is your logo trying to […]

  • Mar 31 2017


    Many businesses offer similar services.  What sets your branding apart matters. Of the three clothing companies are pictured above, these pictures don’t scratch the surface of how many clothing companies exist out there.  Your branding is what sets you apart from the other businesses in your sector.  Clothing is an exceptionally dense market, so creating […]

  • Logo Design Mistakes
    Mar 30 2017

    Branding Mistakes

    Branding and logo design can be exceptionally tasking, especially when starting from scratch.  When the idea of a logo is to say everything about a brand all at once, one of two major branding mistakes can happen:  either a logo is too complex and isn’t recognizable (a brand trying to do too much in the […]

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