branding basics

Branding Basics: Why You Need to Understand Your Brand


Aug 01 2017
Branding Basics: Why You Need to Understand Your Brand

branding basics

Branding is one of the most important parts of a business. From big corporations to small mom and pop shops, branding matters.

Having a brand strategy is crucial for setting you apart from your competition.

We can all agree that branding is important — but what exactly is it?

If you can’t answer, now is the time to brush up on branding basics! Ready to learn? Keeping reading to master the ins and outs of branding.

Branding basics 101

We’ve all heard the term branding, but what is it? Branding is the unique image that you portray to the world.

Branding includes:

  • a unique company name
  • a logo
  • the products and services that are offered
  • a theme that is used on all company media
    • websites, business cards, packaging, etc.
  • business colors

Branding is all about creating a unique name and image. Want customers to remember who you are? Focus on creating an image that is one-of-a-kind.

Have a branding strategy

Your branding strategy should answer:

  • who you want to market to
  • how brand messages will be delivered
  • what your company is all about

It is crucial that your branding strategy is consistent, both visually and verbally.

Strategic branding means strong brand equity. This allows you to outrank and outperform your competitors. While competition will always exist, a strong brand lessens the risk of competitors.

Consider popular brands such as General Mills, Coca-Cola and Colgate. Each of these big-name companies has competitors. But what stops consumers from buying similar products? Successful branding!

Know the ins and outs of your company

Branding isn’t static. Over time your brand will change and mature.

Some say that branding a business is a journey of self-discovery. Before you can brand your company, a solid foundation is a must.

What does your business bring to the table? Does your company have a mission? What is your brand’s current reputation?

Learn about your business. Know the fine print and the headlines.

Defining your brand is just as important as branding!

Avoid common branding mistakes

Knowing branding basics is one thing. Knowing what not to do is another.

Common branding pitfalls to avoid include:

  • relying on design trends
  • an unbelievable or unrealistic tag line
  • changing too much too fast
  • using branding inconsistently
  • attaching your brand to the wrong item, partner, etc.
  • bad or no visuals
  • stale branding marketing

Improper branding techniques can destroy a company. Know what branding practices to follow, and know which ones to avoid!

Quality branding requires a unique logo

Your company’s logo is the foundation of your brand. Are you in the market for a logo? Looking to revamp an existing logo?

LogosDoneRight can help! With a little bit of information from you, we will design the perfect logo for your business. We know the importance of a logo as a part of branding basics.

You can count on us to create a logo that portrays your company’s brand and mission.

Give your branding the boost it needs! Contact us today to get started towards an awesome logo.

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