Logo Design Mistakes

Branding Mistakes


Mar 30 2017
Branding Mistakes

Logo Design Mistakes

Branding and logo design can be exceptionally tasking, especially when starting from scratch.  When the idea of a logo is to say everything about a brand all at once, one of two major branding mistakes can happen:  either a logo is too complex and isn’t recognizable (a brand trying to do too much in the space of a logo) or the logo is too plain and doesn’t stand out (a brand didn’t do enough in the space of a logo). Check out our creative brief to learn what you should think about: Learn More

The Logo That Did Everything, but Really Did Nothing

If you find yourself trying to do too much with your logo, you can end up with something really sloppy.  Many mom and pop operations suffer from over-designed logos that don’t communicate much about their brands.

Fixing Branding Mistakes

Branding Mistake

Here’s an example.  Do you have any idea what this company is trying to do?  Not only is the bright pink egregious and difficult to look at digitally, but the logo has so many distracting elements to it.  Unfortunately for this logo, it is a failure and falls victim to branding mistakes.

The Logo That Did Nothing, and Really Did Nothing

Some logos are so plain that they don’t stick out at all and that’s a problem.  You may or may not be a The Office fan, but most people have at least heard of it.  Can you remember the name of the company that everyone worked for in the American version?  If you came up with Dunder-Mifflin, you’re right.

Now, can you picture their logo?

If you can’t picture it in your mind’s eye, here it is:


This logo is the logo that did nothing:  it communicates very little about what the core values or feeling you get from the brand.

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