Mar 31 2017

Many businesses offer similar services.  What sets your branding apart matters.

Branding Ralph Lauren Branding Aeropostale Branding Brooks Brothers

Of the three clothing companies are pictured above, these pictures don’t scratch the surface of how many clothing companies exist out there.  Your branding is what sets you apart from the other businesses in your sector.  Clothing is an exceptionally dense market, so creating a recognizable brand will set your products apart.  Let’s take a look at the three brands above and what their brands communicate. Our team can always help you with your design, learn more about our  Design Packages

Brooks Brothers Logo Design

Brooks Brothers is a traditional menswear brand that exudes luxury with all of its branding.  From its logo on its sport shirts to its fabric choices on its fine menswear and suits, Brooks Brothers’ brand sets itself apart from other clothiers. They do so by conveying their branding through their establish logo.

Aeropostale Logo Design

Aeropostale is a very different brand than Brooks Brothers.  As an entry-level fashion label for young children, Aeropostale has much less attention to detail as a brand than Brooks Brothers.  Notably, Aeropostale puts its name all over its name all over its clothing as opposed to many other clothing brands.  Aeropostale’s branding on its clothing recognizes the tendency for young children to conform, as it is likely the first fashion brand they will encounter.

Ralph Lauren Logo Design

Polo Ralph Lauren’s branding incorporates both strategies from Aeropostale and Brooks Brothers.  Sometimes understated, sometimes boisterous, Polo Ralph Lauren has clothing lines that suggest both understated class and exuberant flamboyance.  This many types of clothing options Polo offers:  work wear, country club wear, and club wear. Their logo is pervasive through their company culture.

As you can see in the pictures, considering what you want your branding to accomplish is vital to considering the overall brand.  In a world full of brands, how will you separate yourself?

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