Fitness Logo Design

Fitness Logo Design

An effective logo design should be distinctive, appropriate to business it represents, simple to comprehend, and able to convey a direct message to the intended audience. Whether you are a personal trainer, or a nutritionist, a sports coach, or an aspiring athlete – your fitness logo design should clearly indicate your work and field.

All businesses, small or large scale, have a logo. Yet, having a logo alone does not suffice the purpose of creating a brand. What makes a successful brand is an effective logo, consistent communication, and marketing strategies. An effective logo differentiates a business from its competition, has higher recall value, and connects with the target market.

Fitness logo design does not necessarily include having a masculine figurine with dumbbells silhouette. There are many ways by which an effective logo design can be achieved:

  • Using relevant colors
    The choice of colors are unlimited for fitness industry. Lively and energetic colors like yellow, orange, and red induce motivation and passion, whereas blues and greens relate to medical industry, and good health. A perfect blend of these colors, keeping in mind the target audience, is essential. Also, it is important to note that the colors should be compatible for print or online use on multiple applications.
  • Choice of Fonts
    The fonts used should be clear and readable. Most times, capital or bold effects are used to emphasize a point in written communication. In graphics, different font types are chosen for the same. Sometimes, graphics embedded within fonts through the use of negative space also creates a good impression and incites excitement on customer’s conscious.
  • Graphic
    While choosing a graphic to represent your business, it is essential to do research on the prevalent competition to avoid repeating what already exits. This is for two reasons: to differentiate from the competition, and to avoid copyright infringement. Subtle graphics hinting at your specialization or field, carefully placed with business name text, should do the trick.

Though you might be tempted to attempt a Do-It-Yourself logo design, it is best left to a design expert for it entails the success of the brand. A logo is the first visual communication of your company, and it has the power to reach customers far beyond imaginable. Logosdoneright would be able to assist you in developing your concept and make it industry ready.

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