Medical Logo Design

Medical Logo Design

Getting a medical logo design to connect with your customers at a deeper level, inducing trust and faith in your practice, is very tricky. It needs more than the design skill using thumb-rules to create a vector. It requires an expert knowledge of the design industry, and how to design to represent the ‘concern for people’ and ‘healing’.

May it for a new start-up practice or redesign for an established medical center, medical logo design will always demand tremendous involvement from – the designer as well as the practitioner. For a new start-up, it is important that the logo design marks a statement in healthcare, and clearly indicates the field of practice. For logo redesign of an established practice like a hospital, clinic, pharmacist, or professionals like physiotherapists, it is important that the old customers are also able to relate to the renewed brand identity, as well as attract new one. In both cases, the importance of being able to connect to a larger base of audience is very important.

Logosdoneright creates astounding logo designs by:

  • Incorporating Minimalism: Believing in ‘Less is More’. The simpler the design, better it is to remember, recall, and comprehend. At the same time, the essential elements of practice name, field, and create an emotional connect with the target market.
  • Consistency: across designs of practice set-up, communications, and the marketing material. The brand’s characteristics are cleverly embedded in the logo design, so as to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Easy Recall: The impactful designs are so created, that they can be easily remembered and play an important role through social marketing as word of mouth. The design is unique, highlighting the practice prominently and distinguishing it from that of the competition.
  • Customer Acceptance: May it for a new logo design or a redesign project, the customer need to accept the design and connect with them. Since the logo represents medical industry, it needs to represent trustworthiness, soothing feeling, and expertise in the relevant field.

We take care of all these aspects to deliver a stunning design for your medical practice.

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