Music Logo Design

Music Logo Design

Music has no boundaries, for it is able to reach to the hearts of people across the globe, immaterial of their background, social standing, age, or gender. Music is a universal language, felt by all, and hence a music logo design should also be universal – in form, timelessness, and visual.

The first and foremost element that captures customer attention is the visual art. It is all the more important for this visual art to make a statement, when it comes to creative industry – Music. The three important constituents of an impactful music logo design are:

  • Color
    From the range of colors and its shades, black and white dominate music industry. Using these colors also increase the relevance of the design, for it relates to most music instruments in the elements such as – keyboard keys, music notes, mike, etc. Some shades of blue are known to induce a feeling of calm, and hence are widely used for classical or soothing music representation. For a rock-band, use of neon colors over a dark background adds to the flashy element that appeals to their target market.
  • Font style
    Most widely used are the signature font styles, for they are visuals of musician’s persona. It adds a certain personal style statement, that creates an individual connect with the audience. Fonts that mark certain attitude grab attention at first sight. It demands notice, and is well received by audience. Use of modern and clean fonts signify dedication, and demand respect.
  • Graphic
    Clever use of graphics in the logo visual creates an everlasting impression on customer’s minds. Use of negative spaces to suggest or hint at a graphic relevant to the industry never fails to excite the audience. The very idea of having to find an element within a visual intrigues them, and this result in higher recall value.

There is not one approach to create a successful logo design, and Logosdoneright is willing to tread all paths for you to have that perfect logo for your brand identity.

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