Photography Logo Design

Photography Logo Design

Designing for creative industry is intimidating, because it will be scrutinized not only by general audience but also by creative experts. It is expected to deliver on high levels of artistry, aesthetics, and relevance to the field of work. Getting a photography logo design that not just delivers on the above aspects, but also rises to the expectations of higher ROI and strong brand recall, is tricky.

How do we check the effectiveness of a creative logo design?

  • Relevance:
    If you specialize in wedding photography, your logo design needs to portray that. It should not mislead the customers into believing that you also provide services for fashion photo shoots, or wildlife photography, for it will result in negative marketing. While your customers will be able to recall it for longer period of time, it will not result in higher revenue for your business.
  • Comprehension:
    Your photography logo design should be easy to read, understand, and relate to. Clean lines, original concepts, and clutter-free layout contribute greatly to higher recall value of the logo design. The visual should represent one clear message that you most importantly want to convey to your target market.
  • Versatility:
    Creative professional services are usually personable. They are custom delivered as per the unique requirements of the target market. Considering this, the logo design has to be scalable. Not just to the size of the business, and the target audiences, but also to the wide range of applications it would need to cater to. The design should be versatile, compatible for multi-purpose uses without an effect on the layout of the logo, or its clarity and comprehension.

We create timeless logos by carefully studying the competition, researching on the trends and practices, taking your inputs to understand what is important for your business, and ultimately deliver logos that rightly represent your business brand.

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