Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant Logo Design

Your restaurant logo design is a visual presentation of your venue and menu. At one glance, it should reveal everything about your business – whether it is fast food center or a classic dine-in ambience, specialization of specific cuisine, catering services, outdoor or indoor, and the list goes on.

Whether your logo is used on signboard, circulating menu cards, booklets, banners, websites, or dishes – it has to urge your target market to make at-least one visit to your restaurant. A correctly designed logo could be the difference between a gaining a returning loyal foodie or losing out on a potential opportunity.

  • We study the most important message that you would want to deliver to your customers.
  • We study the characteristics of your target market, understand what is important to them, and how would they market your service through word of mouth and reviews.
  • We study your competition in particular: geography, cuisine, business size, and target market, to understand what is prevalent and current.
  • Finally, we find the right balance through doing and re-doing a design, choosing the right colors that are purpose-oriented, using graphic that make a design memorable, and having fonts that are clutter-free and comprehensive.

A brand image is more of a perception, or an emotional image that your customers can relate to. This brand image is spoken in volumes by your restaurant logo design. The entire Restaurant Concept Development – planning the ambience, interiors, experience – could revolve around this single most important factor – brand image. For a successful logo design, your answer should be a ‘Yes’ to the below mentioned:

  • Is the restaurant name clearly visible, readable, and comprehensive?
  • Are the colors of the logo exciting and warm enough? Are they able to evoke particular emotion in your target market?
  • Is the logo shape appropriate and scalable?

We can help you design a logo that answers into a positive for all of the above mentioned.

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