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Color Choice


Apr 07 2017
Color Choice

Color Choice

Color choice is a very important part of brands and logo design.  When it comes to a brand, color choice in a logo can suggest very different things.  Bright colors might suggest whimsy, whereas black and white might suggest strength or tradition.  Let’s analyze some famous brands to learn more.

UPS Color Choice

UPS is an excellent example of color choice to communicate branding.  UPS’s dominant color in its branding is brown, which suggests a utilitarian, we get things done approach to their business.  In addition, brown reflects the numerous boxes they move from sender to receiver every day.  When UPS asks, “What can brown do for you?” it immediately reminds you of their delivery trucks, people, and parcels.

McDonald's Color Choice

McDonald’s has another instantly recognizable logo.  Everyone knows the clown Ronald McDonald, and the red and the yellow reflect other parts of their business such as french fries, ketchup, and mustard.  The brightness of the logo is inviting.  The arches are even reminiscent of fries, again reminding a customer of McDonald’s quality product.

Nickelodeon Color Choice

Nickelodeon’s flamboyant colors and the bright orange are perfect for a children’s network.  Visible from anywhere when scrolling through on TV, Nickelodeon’s bright orange slime logo with the white text on top illustrates fun and whimsy.

As illustrated above, carefully choosing colors can benefit your brand.  What colors will you choose to create your brand? Our team can help you choose the best color for your logo.

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