color effect

Color Effect: How Science Helps You Choose A Logo Color


Jul 12 2017
Color Effect: How Science Helps You Choose A Logo Color

color effect

Logo creation involves a lot of factors. The shape, size, and look of your logo all matter. But did you know that the color of your company’s logo also has a huge impact?

Colors are everywhere. Colors are also endless!

Have you ever looked at a color and felt a certain way?

Colors can influence how clients view your brand. It may also shape their emotions when they see your company’s logo.

Do you want to ensure your logo uses colors to its benefits?

Read on to learn how color effect can impact your company’s logo and overall branding.

Color Effect and Logo Design

The message that your logo portrays is influenced by many factors. One of the biggest factors to consider is color. While you may not think it, consumers do notice the colors used in logos.

In fact, a study found that 90% of snap judgments about products are based on color.

Color impacts how your brand is perceived. Color also plays into the personality of your company.

Red may give off an exciting and bold feeling while blue portrays trust and strength. Know what emotions you want your logo to imply before deciding on a design.

So how do you know which colors to choose based on color effect?

Colors and the Associated Emotions

The same color can be used to portray a variety of emotions. There are no strict guidelines for using a specific color for a specific emotion.

However, it does help to understand the feelings that are commonly associated with certain colors.

  • Red: Red is a bold color. It is attention catching. Red is often associated with excitement, love, and youthfulness.
  • Orange: Orange is a happy medium between red and yellow. Orange gives off a friendly vibe. It creates confidence and cheerfulness.
  • Yellow: Yellow is a sign of happiness. It surrounds you in happiness and optimism. Deeper yellows can evoke feelings of warmth and clarity.
  • Green: Green has always been associated with life and health. The color can also portray growth and calmness.
  • Blue: Blue can portray a wide variety of emotions. Blue can be calming. It can evoke optimism but sadness at the same time. Blue also shows strength and trust.
  • Purple: Purple is a long-time sign of power. It can evoke creativity and awakens the imagination. Purple can also be associated with being wise.
  • Neutrals: Black, white and gray all portray balance. They can evoke feelings of neutrality and calmness.

How to Pick the Right Color

Most logos have one focal color with secondary accent colors. During the logo design phase, you’ll want to keep your company’s brand personality in mind.

Instead of focusing on broad color statements, hone in on your company. Do you want to portray sincerity and competence? Excitement and ruggedness?

Your brand personality will help determine the best branding colors to use.

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