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The Disastrous Mistakes Behind Bad Logos


Oct 11 2017
The Disastrous Mistakes Behind Bad Logos

bad logos

A glance at a logo can change the way a consumer thinks. Do you want a logo that inspires positive thought?

Logo mistakes can turn potential customers against you.

The worst logos ever stick around. If not in the consumers’ minds, then definitely online.

Today, we’ll go over the mistakes businesses and designers make that lead to bad logos. Learn what choices to avoid for a good logo.

You’ll also learn what mistakes to recognize in a potential logo. Just because someone designs it, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Keep reading to know what to look out for!

Lack of Experience

If you hire someone with no experience to design your logo, it won’t look good.

You wouldn’t hire an accountant with no experience. Apply the same standard to your graphic design artist.

Many awful logos come from business owners trying to hire a friend or design a logo themselves.

Good logos also cost an appropriate amount. If a designer or firm advertises an extremely low rate, that probably means they don’t have much experience.

A price that seems too good to be true is too good to be true.

Lack of Originality

You’re getting a logo because you want an image customers can instantly recognize and associate with your business. You won’t get that with a logo that lacks originality.

Helvetica is a great font, but it’s overused. Designers using popular fonts and styles for your logo aren’t doing you any favors.

They also shouldn’t use stock art. Stock art leads to logos that aren’t unique.

Chasing Trends

Trends exist in the graphic design world, and your designer should avoid them. What seems trendy for your logo now will quickly become cliche and outdated.

That hurts your brand recognition long term. If you have to change your logo later because it’s outdated, you lose the recognition of the old logo.

Raster Logos

The software the designer uses to create your logo can decide how well it changes in size. Bad logos use raster images.

Raster graphics consist of pixels. That means when they get too big, they appear pixilated.

You want vector graphics for your logo. Vectors are smaller points that don’t pixelate when expanded, so it’ll look great at any size.

Bad Logos Rely on Color

Some designers rely on color to differentiate parts of your logo. As you know, however, sometimes your logo will need to appear in one color.

With a logo relying on multiple colors, it loses effect in a single color. Ask to see your logo in all gray or black before you decide on it.

Too Complex

A detailed logo might look beautiful when the designer presents it. But you have to consider that logos appear in different sizes in the real world.

If the design is too complex, it’ll look muddled at a smaller size. Avoid any detailed graphics.

Avoiding Disastrous Logos

Bad logos are scary, but you don’t need to fear. Make sure you choose a designer with lots of experience to design your logo.

When they present their designs, it’s okay to ask questions or deny them. Ask to see them in different sizes and colors to understand the logo in every context.

If you have more questions about logo design, feel free to contact us. Our experienced designers are happy to help!

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