worst logos ever

Epic Fails: The 5 Worst Logos Ever Created


Aug 04 2017
Epic Fails: The 5 Worst Logos Ever Created

worst logos ever

One would imagine that the amount of money spent on business operations would find its way into the branding department. That’s not always the case.

Sometimes the logo falls flat. Design by committee is a real problem. Going cheap and using templates are obvious. Allowing an amateur to have full reigns won’t deliver the goods. These all lend additions to the worst logos ever.

Want some examples?

The Worst Logos Ever: It’s Almost Hard to Believe

Go easy on these companies. They already have it rough (ha!)…


In 2010, Gap decided to take their simple (yet recognizable) logo and decided to slap a square behind the ‘P’. Everyone was dumbfounded by the decision.

It didn’t take long for Gap to reverse the logo after Internet backlash and scrutiny.

Lesson: Don’t get lazy with the rebranding. A logo is iconic for a reason — trying to “get with the times” and going experimental will only be met with head shaking.


Pepsi spent hundreds of millions of dollars redesigning their classic logo to what we have today. The majority of the costs came from having to rebrand and update marketing campaigns, advertising, and signage.

The problem? The logo was immediately mocked because it looked like an overweight individual with their stomach sticking out.

Lesson: Never underestimate the ambiguous images hidden within a design. People will notice, point it out, and soon everyone will see it too.

Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians has a logo that doesn’t stick with the times. The stereotypical depiction of a Native American in full-on redface came under fire within recent times. The community was torn.

The primary logo does happen to be a ‘C’ but the team owners insist on keeping the outdated (and unaccepted) depiction. People aren’t happy.

Lesson: If the logo is in bad taste then it’s time for it to retire. Keep it in the past where it belongs.


Patreon’s logo is recognizable even if it looks like the Beats logo. Then their recent abomination of a redesign dropped and, well, ugh.

Here we have another attempt at minimal design.

Speculation is that it looks like a coin going into a slot but will the average person pick up on this? Probably not. Plus, think of the thousands upon thousands of sites that now need to update the linked image.

Lesson: Subtle changes work wonders — a complete 180 is confusing.


Ubisoft, one of the largest gaming companies, has always had a lackluster logo but it’s been fitting for the times. Yet, their recent logo change (after 14 years) had the Net erupt with laughter.

The logo looks like a turd. Literally.

The attempt at a minimalist design is one that can’t be unseen. The Net had a heyday at parodying the logo including a coup de grace is a 3D printed model of the poo looking logo.

Lesson: Shop the logo around and expect the unexpected.

The Takeaway

It goes to show that even the companies with the largest of budgets can make colossal mistakes with their logos. Small businesses, too, botch it when it comes to logo design. Branding mistakes happen.

There’s a lot to learn about the worst logos ever. Basically… don’t make the same mistakes. Get in touch and we’ll be sure to deliver your business a logo that won’t become a laughingstock of your industry (and the Net).

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