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Famous Logos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Oct 20 2017
Famous Logos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

famous logos

How many times have you seen a set of glowing golden arches and started craving McDonald’s fries?

If you close your eyes and picture a swoosh or checkmark, does it resemble the Nike logo?

These are just two famous logos almost everyone in the modern world knows. They have stood the test of time and made a lasting impact in our minds.

Unfortunately for other companies, their logos are well-known for the wrong reasons.

The Good

Victoria and Albert Museum

Many Londoners and tourists alike refer to the Victoria and Albert museum as the V&A.

The museum’s logo begins with the letter “V” then merges an ampersand with the letter “A”. The marketing team outdid themselves in creating such a visually pleasing and ingenious design.

It says everything a logo should in a way which reflects the standards of design for V&A’s exhibitions.

Mickey Mouse

The Disney logo has gone through 30 years of change.

Yet, there is one version everyone has come to love and know – the Mickey Mouse ears outline.

This simple, iconic symbol is all over Disney parks. It is in the hands of kids eating a Mickey ice cream or reflected in Mickey-themed hats. Who knew something as simple as a few circles could have such a positive, lasting impact?


Apple’s is probably one of the most famous logos on the list, but it wasn’t always what it is now.

Thank goodness for their 1977 redesign, though.

Steve Jobs didn’t give much of a brief for the logo. But, he did build Apple’s success on the motto to give people what they want before they know they want it.

In a way, the logo brought everything together.

The Bad


No matter how many people are Ubering everywhere, they disappointed a big chunk of the market with their redesign in February.

Many found it unnecessary and a step back in properly representing the brand.

Time to make a U-turn, perhaps?


GAP’s 2010 redesign simply didn’t make sense.

They took something iconic with a loyal brand following and changed what didn’t need fixing. Marketers tried to keep some similarities with a blue box in the background, but the best move would have been to leave it alone.

The Ugly

Animal Planet

Animal Planet’s new logo is has nothing to do with the company.

The original was not perfect either, but at least the elephant got something right. Plus, the globe added the right touch of color and made people interested.

Now, we are left to look at an ugly blend of greens with a sideways “M”, which makes no sense.

London Olympics

The Olympics are a spectacle the whole world looks forward to, but almost no one reacted well to the 2012 logo.

In fact, some suggested it looked like a rather odd innuendo.

Although record numbers still tuned in and showed up, it was not without a slight distaste for a logo everyone would have to settle with for the next four years.

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