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Apr 05 2017

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How you layout your logo is a very important consideration in logo design.  Are you going to be landscape?  Portrait?  How about a nice square that works in every media?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of layouts:


Landscape logo layouts are generally reserved for brands that emphasize their name in their brand.  A number of luxury leather goods brands, for example, use the landscape layout.  Here are a few examples.

You’ll notice that every one of these brands predominantly features their name in their logos.  One reason is because people tend to look directly at the front of handbags when they inspect them.  When you design your logo, will you want people to immediately recognize the name on the brand?  Or is a metaphorical representation enough?


Quaker Oats Layout

Some logos are portrait because they sit nicely front and center on product packaging.  One of the most famous portrait logos is the Quaker logo. Right in the middle of all of the packaging for Quaker products, the picture of the Quaker stands out right in the middle.  When considering your logo’s layout, will it be a brilliant portrait logo that makes your logo instantly recognizable?  The Quaker brand has bet on this.


Facebook Layout

Increasingly in a digital age, companies are choosing to go with balanced logos or square logo layouts.  This is because square logos fit nicely on anything.  Digital?  A balanced logo layout has you covered.  Facebook’s logo is a perfect example:  the f with a blue circle around it fits in any medium and also looks good at any size.  It’s instantly recognizable and has become a staple in every website referencing social media.

What layout best fits your brand?
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