logo design mistakes

How to Avoid the Most Common Logo Design Mistakes


Sep 12 2017
How to Avoid the Most Common Logo Design Mistakes

logo design mistakes

When you’re looking to create or revamp your image, your logo design is one of the first places to start.

While figuring out how to visually represent your company should be a fun and creative process, it’s also one that should be carefully approached.

Your logo is often the first interaction customers have with your business. An ineffective one can make all the difference between drawing them in — and pushing them away.

Today, we’re discussing a few logo design mistakes that business leaders commonly make. Avoiding these pitfalls can help you make sure the image you create is appropriately aligned with your brand’s mission and vision for the future.

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1. Designing on the Fly

While it’s true that sometimes a brilliant design idea will randomly strike, for the most part, a logo design should be carefully researched.

One of the top logo design mistakes is to move forward without any forethought to how the logo will look, what it’s message and purpose is, and how it will impact your core audience.

To avoid this, be sure to create a design plan at the onset. This plan should include considerations such as your target audience’s preferences and tastes, your company values, designs that are trending in your market, and anything else specific to your business needs.

2. Keeping the Design a Solo Effort

You know that oft-repeated mantra “teamwork makes the dream work?” In this case, it couldn’t be truer.

Even if the actual logo design effort is limited to a few individuals, it’s important to include others in the brainstorming and review processes.

The main reason? A fresh set of eyes can often catch issues that you might not see if you’re working too closely with the image.

New perspectives can also evaluate your logo design, letting you know what they feel when they see it, and if it encourages them to explore your brand further. These are valuable insights as you seek to create a logo that speaks to a wide audience.

3. Putting Too Many Elements into the Design

Often, simplicity is the key to creating a logo that stands the test of time. Top brands like Apple, MasterCard, and Nike are great examples of how a clean, uncluttered logo can make a huge impact.

While it might be tempting to include many layers in your design, utilizing multiple gradients, textures, shadows, and more, this can often distract from your message.

To avoid logo design mistakes such as these, try to narrow the design down to just the core elements that make it stand out.

4. Picking the Wrong Font

It seems like a simple step. As long as your words are effective, it shouldn’t matter how they’re written, right?

Actually, your font choice could be the most important part of your logo design. With so many options available today, the style of font you choose says more about your brand than you think.

A retro script, for instance, can be paired with a vintage-style logo to create a throwback look aligned with today’s hipster trend. On the other hand, a straight-lined, sans serif font is an ideal choice for a modern, minimalistic design.

5. Failing to Make it Responsive

Thanks to the rise of technology, consumers aren’t limited to brick-and-mortar store interactions.

Rather, they’re also now researching, communicating with, and buying from their favorite brands on their computers and smart devices.

To this end, if your company has an online presence at all, it’s vital to create a logo that looks as good online as it does on your physical storefront.

Designs that meet this criterion are known as responsive designs. This means they’ll look the same on a mobile device, desktop, or laptop — ensuring you’re always putting your best foot forward.

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