Design A Business Logo

Design A Business Logo

Design a business logo in just 5 days with Logosdoneright. We will create for you the perfect logo for your company in less than a week, 100% guaranteed.

As professional designers we understand the fundamental principles which help to create a memorable and successful brand. When we design a business logo for our customers, we ask you just a few simple questions to create a Creative Brief and then begin creating immediately.

Design A Business Logo – What’s a Creative Brief?

A Creative Brief is the initial phase of any design process when we ask the customer what kind of design they want for their business logo. Is there a particular image which has inspired you? Do you have colors that you would like to use? What type of business image are you hoping to produce?

This is the phase where you would advise us if you are looking for a fun and funky design full of vibrant colors or whether you would prefer dark colors or a simple, clean design which more accurately reflects the tone of your business.

Once the team of designers have the Creative Brief, they can begin work immediately on creating the perfect design for you.

Getting the right design concept is about experimenting and making sure that we have understood the Creative Brief. You will be offered a couple of design concepts before you find the perfect one and once you have it, it’s all yours to use whatever way that you like.

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