Logo Graphic Design

Logo Graphic Design

Whether you are a small business just spreading its reach in the market, independent freelancer with work-from-home setup, or an established corporate with multiple branches across the nation – logo graphic design is an essential brand identity that you cannot do away with.

If you have been thinking of creating a new logo graphic design for your startup firm, or redesigning it to keep pace with progressive design industry and changing customer preferences, we can help you create the perfect business image within 5 working days. We specialize in creating unique brand identities, for multiple industries including: fashion, textile, telecommunications, professional services, tourism, etc. We have helped many businesses across these industries enhance their brand identity by creating an impactful logo graphic design.

Design process:

  • Upon receipt of your design request through our online form (there are multiple plans for you to choose from, for your business requirements), the order is passed on to the design studio where our expert designers initiate the detailed research and understand your design requirements.
  • The first set of logo design concepts is sent out for your review and selection.
  • Edits are performed on the shortlisted concept to make it 100% as per your preference.
  • The finalized logo design is then bundled with various file formats that enable you to use the logo on multiple applications, and delivered to you electronically.

The logo concepts are unique and original, and designed by our team of experts who understand the target market and create visuals that appeal to them. The goal is to have high recall value of the brand identity, compelling the prospective buyers to turn into real customers, and urging brand loyalty on existing customers.

The processes at Logosdoneright are transparent, and optimized for quick turnaround. We are keen design enthusiasts, always ready to go an extra mile to deliver quality designs that work for you.

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