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Logo Designs


Apr 03 2017
Logo Designs

Logo Designs

Logo design is the beginning for any brand.  How are people going to remember you and your product that you created?  Logo designs suggest things — whether it’s quality, efficiency, or status, logos are the way you’re representing your brand to others.  A quality logo answers four main questions:

  • What is your logo trying to say?
  • What sets your logo apart from others?
  • How does your logo quickly identify your brand?
  • How is your logo presented in multiple formats?

Let’s explore each of the questions further.

One of the most famous logo designs that cleverly states what the brand does is FedEx.  FedEx has a hidden arrow in its logo design.  See?

Fedex Logo Designs

That arrow cleverly communicates exactly what FedEx’s brand does.  With clever typeface, it subliminally lets the customer know that Fedex can get what you want from one place to another.

Nike Logo Designs

If someone asked you to draw a swoosh, there’s a very good chance what you drew would look like this.  The Nike swoosh is one of the most iconic logos of all time.  The Nike swoosh is so much different than other brand marks that no matter what it is on, and no matter where it is located, you know it’s Nike.

BMW Logo Designs

The BMW badge is one of the most iconic logos ever designed.  The propeller blades communicate where BMW came from and also quickly identifies a car as a luxury automobile.

Publix 1 Logo Designs Publix Logo Designs 2 Publix Logo Designs

Finally, your logo must be easily identifiable in multiple media.  A Southeast grocer, Publix Super Markets, Inc. created these two logo designs to replace its old logo that you find from before.  With considerations like trucks, packaging, websites, products, and storefronts, Publix updated its logo to be more flexible.  Be sure to keep your logo design flexible so you can port it from one media to another.

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