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Apr 04 2017
Marketing Essentials

Business Marketing Essentials

Small businesses can drive more sales and customer recognition with a coherent logo and marketing essentials.  Being a small business requires a different type of design than more major logos – many people have associations with major logos due to their ubiquity.  Small businesses, on the other hand, have to fight to get their name out there as best they can. Here are our marketing essentials that you should keep in mind when you work on your logo.

Here’s an example of a small-town game store that has a logo that screams small business:

Armada Marketing Essentials

This logo is a little rough around the edges.  It at least is focusing on the most important part of its business, which is its name.  The color choice, difficult font choice, and overall landscape design make this logo a little bit of an eyesore.  However, this logo does maximize the exposure of its name.  Let’s take a look at a better-designed logo.

Here’s a well-designed logo that suggests a refined small business:

Concord Marketing Essentials

The logo is unique, the design clean, and the elements reusable.  The name is featured predominantly in the logo, and the icon chosen to accompany it can be used in many different media.  The business is small, but the logo suggests that you should expect great things. Working on scaling your logo creates a great flow for customers to understand your business. Being unstated can sometimes help push your brand to the front of a potential customers mind.

So when you’re considering what your small business’s logo design should be, be sure to create something memorable, clean, and most importantly, featuring your name. Go to our pricing page to find out more:
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