Office Motivation



Apr 10 2017

Office Motivation

Promoting your brand starts with motivation which leads to your team promoting your brand.  How else does word of mouth start about your business, your brand, and your logo unless your people are wearing it, talking about it and promoting it? Here are three simple ways to motivate your team to promote the products and services you offer.

Get people talking

Even if it’s just a Facebook post, getting your people to talk about your brand, whether to friends, family, or a blast on social media is one of the least expensive ways you can promote your brand.  It’s simple, and only takes a few minutes to create a culture of motivation.  Plus, if your product or service is great, the people who are out promoting your brand will feel excited to share the message with others.

Get your people motivated

Do your people understand what a great product or service you are offering?  If not, perhaps offer a free trial or a sample of the product or service you offer.  If that isn’t feasible, consider writing blog posts or linking to articles that point to why your business is important or what positive effects it can have on others.

Keep people engaged

It’s one thing to have a flavor-of-the-month attitude to promoting motivation for your business, but your business’s people need to be saying the same thing and promoting the same thing every day.  Give your people positive reinforcement regularly to keep them talking.  Remember, word of mouth starts with your people.  Be sure to keep them talking!

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