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Apr 06 2017

Logo Optimization


Optimization:  A Case Study

Sometimes brands find themselves needing to change their logos to fit better in multiple media.  This happens especially with older brands.  Not all logos were created with the web in mind, and some need to be optimized further for mobile viewing.  Publix, a large Southeastern grocer, is a really great brand to explore for this because they have been around a long time and have lots of different logos throughout the years. Their optimization has helped their brand stand out.

Old Publix OptimizationPaper Ad OptimizationPublix Newer Optimization Long Logo Optimization   Publix


As you can see, there have been quite a few logos for Publix to get to where it was when it first opened to where it is today.  You can really tell that the company wanted a logo that was fit for multiple formats.  What types of optimization will you look for when it comes to your logo?


Optimization helps you focus your brand. When you look at new logos also take the time to look back at older iterations of the logo and brand. This will give you sense of how important change can be for any business – big or small.

Color Choice

Remember that choosing the proper color to give a sense of your brand is important. Creating a brand with the proper color palate can go a long way.
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