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How to Apply Color Psychology to Your Startup Logo


Sep 18 2017
How to Apply Color Psychology to Your Startup Logo

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For companies who are looking to create a great first impression with clients, logo design is a must from the get go. Unfortunately, many companies treat logo design as an afterthought.  

But a startup logo will set the tone for your business. It not only helps you differentiate your services from the competition. A great startup logo can also help your team focus on the essentials of your brand.  

The difference in building a company and building a brand can also mean the difference in numbers on your bottom line.  

Not sure where to begin in designing a startup logo for your business? Some of the most iconic logos depend on color to make a statement.  

Here’s how you can make color work for you:

1. Iconic Brands Depend on Color

What color is the Twitter Logo? Coca-Cola? How about the letters in the Google brand design?

Chances are you recognize the most iconic brands because of their design as well as their color choices. You can make color work for your business in the same way. 

But logos are more about color choice. They are also about how colors work together to create a feeling.  

The blue and white of Twitter signal broad expanses of sky and endless possibilities. Plus, the soaring feature projects a business on the rise.  

The red Coca-Cola logo is classic. But a different shade of red could be considered exciting or warm.  

We associate colors with these brands for a reason. 

2. Colors Pack a Punch Even In Small Size

Your logo will be considered the most important quarter-inch for your business. As times have changed, and digital marketing is king, companies have grown to rely on simplicity to convey a point 

We may think of a huge Golden Arches on a highway sign to announce a needed rest stop and large fries from McDonald’s, but part of the reason the logo is so successful is it works at any size. 

Set against red that yellow beams a smile. Using color contrasts and varying tones will allow you to catch the eye from long distance or in a tiny space on social media. 

3. Get Emotional With a Startup Logo

The psychology of the colors you choose should match the overall goals of your business, as well as your brand. Cool tones are calming and dependable. 

Red and warm tones are traditionally more exciting. The various peacock colors on an NBC logo show the vivid entertainment the brand stands by. 

Conversely, the childlike letters of the Google logo call back to the ease of learning and fundamental tools we all recognize as part of childhood. What could be more effective for building a brand out of a confusing set of math equations?

Instead, the psychology of Google’s color scheme is simplicity, comfort, and familiarity. 

Knowing your brand and mission will help you choose colors that convey the emotions you want your company associated with.

Get the Most from Your Logo Design

The experts know how to match mission with colors. And for startup logos, most companies can’t afford to leave the future success of their business to chance.

We can help.

The Logosdoneright team can help your business with a logo that matches substance with feeling.

Click here and let us get started on your logo today.  





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