What Will Future Logo Design Look Like in 100 Years?


Sep 26 2017
What Will Future Logo Design Look Like in 100 Years?

You already know that your company’s logo is the foundation of your branding strategy.

Plus, since consumers are much more likely to make purchases from brands they’re familiar with, having an instantly-recognizable logo seriously boosts your revenue.

You want your company to last for hundreds of years. But how will the history of logos and future logo design impact your brand recognition and the overall look of your logo?

Read on to find out more about how your logo may look 100 years from now.

Motion Will Matter

Even now, we’re seeing an increased focus on motion graphics (case in point: the unstoppable rise in GIFs) within graphic design.

However, in the future, motion will be a huge part of logo design. For example, a bank might have a motion graphic that shows a penny dropping into a piggy bank, or a seed sprouting into an enormous tree to symbolize financial growth.

Of course, motion-based logos will pop on websites and social media, but they’ll also work on physical storefronts and digital business cards (we’re willing to bet these will be a thing in 100 years.)

2D Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Right now, lots of logo design is based on two-dimensional drawings, AKA “flat design.”

However, with the rise of 3D-printing, we think future logos will quite literally pop. If motion-based logos aren’t your thing, we’re certain that 3D logos, which work from all angles, will be.

We’ll likely see a shift away from older methods of showing dimensionality like shading, shadows, and gradients. Instead, 3D design in the future will likely make use of electric lighting techniques, intense technology, and who knows what else/

A Return To A Brand’s Roots

Of course, as we move towards a more tech-based world (as we undoubtedly will in 100 years) more people will have nostalgia for the past.

We expect that companies who want to break from the mold will revert to the original logos they had when they first opened their business’ doors.

This will help clients of the future to understand that these brands have a long-established commitment to customer service and quality, and that they have stood the test of time.

To avoid looking dating and to show they’ve still evolved, the logos will likely include some text that makes it clear how long they’ve been in business. Additionally, those that go with a more vintage-style logo will likely need to invest a lot more in their online presence.

They may even have large, transparent storefronts so that customers can see they’re not afraid of technology.

Be Prepared For Future Logo Design Techniques

Thanks to this post, you know what to expect when it comes to future logo design strategies.

Of course, there’s no time like the present to start preparing for the future.

Making gradual, more subtle continual adjustments to your logo to fit with the times and current design trends won’t compromise your branding.

Ready to take your logo into the future?

Reach out to us today to help you create a design that will last for hundreds of years.

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